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Ensuring the installation of your satellite kit is done correctly is an essential step after checking your coverage when you want to install high-speed satellite internet for your home or business. There are some important points to consider when installing your satellite internet equipment.

Konnect Satellite Internet Installation at home

Ensure the installation of your satellite kit is carried out by a professional

Our shops and partners arrange for your installation to be carried out by a professional satellite installer. They are trained to make sure the kit installation is in the best position and that the dish is correctly pointed to the Konnect satellite. This ensures you get the best possible internet reception.

Satellite dish on a building

Select where the satellite equipment should be installed​

Your professional installer will guide you regarding the installation position of the satellite internet dish. The position must : ​

  • Be on a solid surface such as a wall, a roof or the ground – it cannot be on a moving vehicle or positioned on a tree for example​
  • Have clear sight of the Konnect satellite – that is without obstacles such as trees or buildings in the way. You can use our Konnect Sat Finder app to check this out
Modem Konnect

Be ready for installation day​

The dish and transceiver are installed outside but the modem is installed inside your home or business. Think about where you would like this installed to be of most use in your home. Your installer will activate your modem and show you how to access the Konnect Customer Portal to follow your data and manage your service.

We offer support to our partners

After installation​

The Konnect Customer service team is here to help you with all your questions so you get the most out of your satellite internet installation and to provide any after sales service which may be needed.​

Organise a satellite internet installation for your home or business

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