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When connecting to high-speed satellite internet, it’s essential to have the right equipment and ensure it is installed correctly. Here we discuss everything you need to know about the equipment required to connect to fixed high-speed internet. Konnect provides an all-in-one satellite internet kit so you have all the equipment you need to get your home or business connected to high-speed satellite internet easily.

Satellite dish on a building

A satellite dish

An essential element of the equipment, the dish reflects the satellite communications signal to and from the transceiver. Generally, the dish measures 74cm in diameter, but can be 90cm or 120cm if required.

Satellite Dish

A transceiver

The transceiver emits and receives the communications then sends them to the modem to decode. Usually, the transceiver power is 1W but in some cases a 2W transceiver may be used to improve signal strength.

Modem Konnect

A modem

The modem is sometimes referred to as an internet box. Its purpose is to decode the communications signals received and encode signals which are to be transmitted.

Check which equipment you need for satellite internet for your home or business

The size of the dish and the strength of the transceiver included in the equipment provided depends on the coverage of your installation location. You can check the equipment required at your location with our handy satellite coverage checker.  A wide variety of outdoor places (on a wall or a roof or at ground-level) are suitable for installation of your high-speed satellite equipment.

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