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Community WiFi: what is a shared wireless network?

Community WiFi has a role to play in democratising access to the Internet. But what exactly is it? How does it work? How to set up a public WiFi (Hotspot)? Discover what Wi-Fi hotspots are and how the offers developed by konnect work to bring easily accessible shared hotspots to Africa.


What you need to know about community WiFi


Are you planning to propose a hotspot to your customers? Not sure how it works? Here are the answers you need.


What is the definition of community WiFi?


Public WiFi, shared wireless network, hotspot, shared WiFi... the terminology surrounding community WiFi is wide-ranging. But the reality is simple: it is a network made available by a professional that allows local people in the vicinity to connect to the Internet. A practice that has its share of advantages, especially when it is coupled with satellite Internet technology!

Community WiFi and satellite Internet: a winning combination

No more white zones: thanks to the use of the satellite network, konnect WiFi offers allow everyone to access the Internet:

  • Without a fixed line ;
  • Without cables; 
  • Without 3G or 4G;
  • Regardless of their financial means and data needs

An ideal formula for people and companies looking for simplicity, flexibility and speed.

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Shared WiFi: a win-win tool

Whether from a user's or a professional's point of view, community WiFi has advantages for everyone: here are some of them.


4 benefits for users of a shared network

  1. Access the web even without a 3G or 4G network;
  2. Surf the Internet when you are out and about, even if you are not at home;
  3. Carry your kit to access the Internet in your pocket - just your Smartphone;
  4. And all this at a very affordable price!


5 good reasons to set up a community WiFi hotspot

  1. Generate additional income;
  2. Increase the number of visitors to your business;
  3. Build customer loyalty;
  4. Improve your brand image;
  5. Contribute to bringing access to the Internet in isolated and/or uncovered areas.


Setting up a public WiFi access point: how do you go about it?


Thanks to Eutelsat's konnect WiFi offer, it is possible to provide customers with a broadband WiFi Internet connection, even if the location is not covered by 3G or 4G. This solution is suitable for all businesses located in rural areas, villages and small towns, regardless of the sector of activity:

  • Cafes and bars ;
  • Grocery shops and food shops;
  • Restaurants ;
  • Shops;
  • Schools ;
  • Town halls;
  • Banks;
  • Post offices;
  • Etc.


Find your nearest hotspot with our handy map!


Would you like to become a konnect partner? A community hotspot can allow you to increase your income thanks to paid access via cash or mobile payment. Don't wait any longer to contact us: depending on your requirements and your objectives, we can define the most suitable formula for your company together.

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