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Agriculture: the importance of Internet for the rural economy

Once the preserve of the cities, the internet is now being brought to rural and remote areas. This has been made possible by satellite internet technology. A game-changing technology for the African continent. Our connected world now extends to all areas, including agriculture. From telemetry to weather forecasting, discover all the applications of the internet in the countryside.

How does the internet facilitate agriculture?

If accessing the internet without a fixed network infrastructure was mission impossible a few years ago, this is no longer the case. Satellite internet allows access to the web from anywhere in the world. This widespread availability allows everyone to take advantage of the benefits of the web: schools to educate children, hospitals to improve care, or even the mining industry to enhance quality of life and organisation.

Farmers can benefit in a variety of ways from the arrival of the internet in their homes. Firstly, the widespread circulation of information provides access to an almost unlimited pool of knowledge on a variety of issues:

  • Growing methods ;
  • Animal husbandry techniques;
  • Agricultural equipment;
  • Agronomy;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Etc.

But in order to increase agricultural yields, reduce the drudgery of work or streamline tasks, other uses of the internet in rural areas come into play. The opportunity to use telemetry solutions, for example, is one of them. This technology allows for the precise measurement of distances to agricultural plots. Another example is weather forecasting applications, which can anticipate future weather events such as storms, droughts or floods.

Konnect, a satellite internet offer 100% adapted to farmers

Satellite communication is a simple and effective solution to ensure internet access in rural areas. This is why Eutelsat has created the Konnect offer. Konnect proposes satellite internet access providing broadband services in Africa with up to 50 Mbps, distributed directly or through its distribution network. With regard to the direct distribution offers, several formulas exist to best adapt to the user's needs and budget: with Konnect Simply, different data volumes are available to suit every need and budget, while Konnect Unlimited guarantees unlimited internet access.  

Subscribing to one of these offers is easy: Konnect has local partners in several countries who take care of the installation.  

But the possibilities do not stop at simple Internet access: there are still other applications to facilitate development in agriculture through the Internet. For example, smart application solutions and connected objects. This makes it possible to remotely monitor flocks of sheep or cattle, track crop yields, optimise cow milking, etc. See how internet access has transformed the activity of a farmer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 


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