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Satellite internet has the advantage of bringing coverage to a widespread area, allowing many families and businesses to get access to internet when they are not covered by traditional fibre or ADSL networks.

You can use our satellite coverage checker to ensure your desired installation location is eligible to receive high-speed satellite internet.

Depending on your installation location, you may require different types of satellite internet equipment to ensure the best signal reception and therefore the best coverage.

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How your installation site may affect satellite internet coverage

Once you’ve checked the coverage at your desired installation location, there are some additional aspects to bear in mind.

To receive the satellite internet signal, the dish must have line of sight, that means it must be able to see our satellite in space. If your chosen installation site is at the bottom of a steep valley it may not have coverage despite being in the Konnect coverage zone. Equally, if the site is next to a high building which blocks line of sight then your coverage may be compromised too. Don’t hesitate to check out all our advice about installing satellite internet.

It is important to be aware that the weather will usually only make a small difference to your service. However, some more extreme climatic conditions can also affect satellite internet coverage temporarily, such as very heavy rainfall or thunderstorms because the water droplets absorb some of the signal. Very high winds can also affect the signal if they are strong enough to actually change the direction which the dish is pointing. However, such an event is very rare and our professional distributors and installers will be there to help you should such issues affect you.