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How is Satellite Internet reshaping the way the web works?

With just a few keystrokes, it is now possible to look for a job, communicate with family or friends far away, search for information or follow the news around the world using a computer or a smartphone. But as the Internet becomes more and more widespread, households without access to it are being left out of a whole area of daily life. How does Konnect satellite Internet help solve this problem? Discover the answers.


Konnect: satellite Internet everywhere and for everyone

Konnect is a satellite Internet service. Instead of relying on a terrestrial network (fibre, ADSL, 4G, etc.), the connection to the web is established thanks to satellites around the Earth. This has many advantages. Indeed, satellite Internet is accessible from virtually anywhere on the globe... as long as you can see the sky! It is therefore not necessary to be close to a large city. People living in remote areas, villages, isolated mining operations or rural areas are no longer excluded from Internet access, thanks to a private installation or a shared WiFi installation such as the Konnect WiFi offer. 

From farms to schools, everybody can get online with satellite Internet

Here are some examples of real-life uses linked to the deployment of Konnect satellite technology in Africa:

● In the agricultural world, to break the isolation of farms and contribute to the improvement of breeding and cultivation techniques;

● For education, through the dissemination of information to schools wherever they are located, as well as access to unlimited educational content;

● For crisis situations, such as during Cyclone Idai in Mozambique or in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic in DRC, South Africa and Nigeria.


Internet via satellite allows you to do everything traditional internet connections would

Internet via satellite allows you to do everything traditional internet connections would

Whether you need to connect a single home, company office or multiple enterprise locations, the Konnect Internet offer developed by Eutelsat will allow you to do everything you expect with an internet connection:

- email

- consult and manage your social networks

- search the web

- connect to online IT tools

- make Voip calls

- make video-calls….and much much more

See how using satellite internet has transformed our customers lives.

If you have specific needs, our teams can advise you on available offers and equipment to meet your needs and deliver a high-performing service.

How to connect to the Internet using satellite with Konnect?

For ease of use, the kits for connecting to the Internet by satellite are installed by Konnect's professional partners. All the equipment necessary for an Internet connection is provided, namely: 

● An external antenna ;

● A transceiver;

● An Internet access modem;

● Cables.

This will free you from the restrictions associated with the use of a wired network and allow you to take full advantage of your Internet connection!


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