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The education of children and adolescents plays a key role in the economic, social and political success of a country. With a young population and significant demographic growth, Africa is particularly concerned by access to education, the main pillar of which is the school. A school that has much to gain from the development of new technologies and access to the internet. Details and explanations here! 

School and internet, the winning combo

To learn, transmit knowledge or develop activities, digital technology is very useful. It frees you from certain constraints such as travel or geographical distance and allows you to access a considerable amount of information at any time and in any place. This is why its applications are varied: for education, but also for agriculture, health or in emergency situations. Thanks to the satellite internet, knowledge is truly everywhere: in cities, villages, the countryside and, of course, in schools. For the latter, the advantages are numerous. Here is a range of possibilities offered by the web: 

  • Access to the national curriculum and external content for teachers; 
  • Monitoring of grades, homework and absenteeism of pupils by parents; 
  • Ensuring use of the Internet is mainstream and allowing all students to develop their general knowledge and skills.
  • Access to numerous free MOOCs that democratise access to education for all and at all ages 

Eutelsat, Flash and Schoolap: a partnership for a connected school

Aware of the importance of education for Africa, Eutelsat, its local partner and Schoolap have set up a partnership in this area. The aim is to promote access to academic content and student monitoring platforms through the widespread roll-out of the Internet in schools.

Through its Konnect satellite internet service, Eutelsat aims to equip 3,600 schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo with an unlimited WiFi connection this year, representing more than 2 million pupils. The ultimate goal is ambitious: to provide a reliable Internet connection to each of the country's 70,000 schools! 

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