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Unlimited high-speed Internet packages*

Unlimited 20

20 Mbps

Best for
Unlimited 25

25 Mbps

Best for
Unlimited 30

30 Mbps

Best for
Unlimited 40

40 Mbps

Best for
Unlimited 50

01-Electrons/Speed-3 50 Mbps

Best for
Unlimited 50
+ Speed option

01-Electrons/Speed-3 100 Mbps

Best for

*Prices include VAT. Speeds indicated are maximum download speeds before application of Fair Use Policy. Upload speed up to 3Mbps. Night time data use is not counted towards Fair Use Policy application. See Terms & Conditions.

Get the most out of your satellite Internet package at home and at work

Options for businesses
Public IP N2.000/month
Facilitates VPN and remote software access
SIP Priorisation N500/month
Prioritises VoIP traffic to promote call quality

Our options for professionals make it easier to use satellite Internet for businesses, whether you're connecting your business or simply using your package to work from home.

Subscribe to the IP option and you'll be allocated a fixed IP address which allows you to access your business network remotely by using remote office applications or a VPN.

Or subscribe to our SIP priorisation option to make and receive high quality VoIP calls as they are prioritised over other Internet use.

Konnect now to the fastest satellite broadband in Nigeria!

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Getting you online fast with satellite technology

Tired of waiting for an overstretched signal or new network rollout to come to you? Get konnected today anywhere in Nigeria.

Thanks to Eutelsat’s 40 years of experience, our Konnect satellite is already beaming Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps to people throughout Africa.

Get in touch today to join others using Internet service across Nigeria.

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