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Mining: how is satellite internet changing the game in remote locations?

Far from cities, their infrastructures and major roads, mines are among the most isolated sectors of activity. However, for both workers and managers, communication with the outside world is essential. Satellite Internet offers a simple answer to this need, both in terms of installation and use. Read more about the usefulness of the web in the mining industry in Africa.

Mining: how the internet is helping mining companies and miners

The Internet is a valuable asset in many areas such as schools, health and agriculture. But in the mining industry, connection to an Internet network takes on another dimension. To access the web in the traditional way, it is necessary to be connected to a terrestrial telecommunication network... mission impossible for sites as isolated as mines! Another technology can then take over: satellite Internet.


The development of satellite Internet is excellent news for mining operations. This technology not only makes the work of managers easier and more efficient, but also makes the daily lives of employees more pleasant. These benefits can be translated into various real-life situations:

  • Contacting distant friends or family members;
  • Communicating instantly with the head office and company management;
  • Planning and arranging teamwork;
  • Etc.
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