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we konnect your community to high-speed Internet

With a satellite Internet Wi-Fi hotspot, you and your community can access high-speed Internet. Powered by satellite, our technology works in even the most remote locations. 

We believe everyone should have affordable access to fast and reliable Internet

Our Wi-Fi hotspots offer maximum flexibility. Buy a Wi-Fi voucher for the data, duration and speed that you need. Then, connect your device and start browsing. There is no commitment and the hotspot provides all the equipment needed to connect you. All you need to do is buy a voucher and bring your smartphone to get online.  

We already have several Wi-Fi hotspots throughout DRC, see our map below to find your closest hotspot. If you are not in DRC and want to connect your community, contact us to become a Wi-Fi hotspot partner in your area.

Affordable connectivity for everyone

Internet wherever you need it

Hotspots offering connectivity where it is currently poor or non-existent

Rural Internet at urban prices

Fair prices so you can get online at a similar cost to those living in urban areas

All you need is a smartphone

Just bring your device, the hotspot handles the connection to the Internet

Get konnected in 4 easy steps


Find your nearest hotspot


Buy your voucher from our local partner


Select the Wi-Fi on your device


Enjoy all the Internet has to offer

Our Wi-Fi hotspot vouchers

Select country

1 day

50 Mb


1 Gb


3 days

100 Mb


300 Mb


7 days

500 Mb


700 Mb


1 month

1 Gb


2 Gb


5 Gb


10 Gb


Want to set up a Hotspot in your area?
Get in touch to become a Wi-Fi Hotspot partner!

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