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In Mozambique, the year 2019 was marked by the passage of two tropical storms: Cyclones Idai and Kenneth. Swept away by torrential rainfall, the country found itself prey to rising waters, resulting in numerous victims and considerable material damage. A crisis situation to which konnect could only offer its solidarity and support thanks to satellite Internet technology. Here is a closer look at what Eutelsat is doing.


Flashback to the tropical storm that flooded Mozambique in 2019

It was in 2019 that Cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit Mozambique hard. In early March, intense rainfall flooded the northern and central parts of Mozambique. A few days later, the south of the country was hit by strong winds of up to 205 km/h, but the torrential rains did not stop. After its passage, Cyclone Idai left behind more than 700 victims, millions of people affected, hundreds of hectares of plantations torn up and many buildings destroyed, including homes, hospitals and schools.


How did konnect help the victims of Cyclone Idai?

To help the people of Mozambique, international solidarity is being organised. The government and world organisations are sending aid workers to distribute food and care for the most affected populations. In order to facilitate the coordination of actions, and in view of the destruction of numerous terrestrial networks, konnect is making its satellite Internet system available. 

Thanks to its konnect offer, Eutelsat is enabling more than 1 000 humanitarian workers to communicate immediately and at any time, even in the most damaged areas of Mozambique. Seventeen sites, including shelters, health and medical centres, are connected and trained free of charge by konnect teams with the support of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster and the UN. Since then, the company has also been involved in other actions, particularly in the fight against Covid-19.


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