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Nane Nane translates from Swahili to eight eight. It refers to the 8th of August, which is when the contribution of the agricultural sector to the Tanzanian economy is celebrated each year. 

Events are held across Tanzania with multiple trade fairs culminating on the 8th. Farmers and those involved in supplying the agricultural sector will come together to do business and celebrate, and we can’t wait to join them.  


Konnect will be at the Nane Nane event in Mbeya from the 6th to the 8th August 2022

We’ll be bringing our superfast fixed satellite internet to the event to show how transformative a fast and reliable connection can be. With fast and reliable communications, farmers can manage multiple sites remotely, monitor the progress of crops, collaborate with colleagues and coordinate the supply of resources.  

With better communications come better management and better yields. Through this the agricultural industry can contribute even more to the Tanzanian economy and the livelihoods of those who work in the sector.  

Konnect’s fixed satellite internet is available wherever you farm in Tanzania and requires nothing more than power and a clear view of the sky. It provides a fixed and stable internet connection. And with speeds up to 100 Mbps it’s built for business.  


If you’re at Nane Nane in Mbeya, Tanzania in August, be sure to visit our booth to find out all about the transformative power of Konnect's fixed satellite internet service.